Develop the music Dragon Ash 歌詞


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Dragon Ash
Develop the music  ♪  Dragon Ash
作詞 : Kj
作曲 : Dragon Ash

Give me your shout of joy
Don't need the pomps and vanities of life
The world it's in blinding light
Let your feeling flow out
Our action and music kindle your night
The world it's in bright

Arise the storm of applause!
I can't hear you
Alive or dead? So top of your voice!
Here you're

Develop the music into the joy

Free your mind gleeful Song goes by
Like a clap of the thunder rumble

Develop the music!
Don't deny yourself and join delight to place

We play the music face to face with you
Then you give me some response

Develop the music into the joy

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