Here by my side mink 歌詞


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Here by my side  ♪  mink
作詞 : Vincent Degiorgio・Johan Rohr
作曲 : Vincent Degiorgio・Johan Rohr

I started to write you
A letter last night
But I didn't know where to begin

I thought of first
Saying thank you
The words wouldn't flow
To any of the pages
Till heard your voice

You believed
That nobody would be there for me
Now my dream
Has found its melody

So for all my life
Be the star that shines
Whenever you're here by my side

Another year passed us
And look how we've grown
Every wish has come true, every day

Seasons change so easy
Like sun into rain
Falling into winter
The snow's on the way

Now you'll see
It's not a holiday without you here
I believe
We'll soon be home and feel

Now I understand
What means to have a special friend
I really want my heart to take your hand

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