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Ken Yokoyama
Jealous  ♪  Ken Yokoyama
作詞 : Ken・Serge
作曲 : Ken

So you're at it again
Talking smack when you don't understand
And you think you're so cool
Being stunpid and cruel
But your words mean shit in the end

And you feel you're so punk
'Cause you're lazy and 30 and drunk
You don't know what it means
To go chasing your dreams
And to live your life how you want

You're jealous - undesired
Aaa... - uninspired

You don't like what I've done
'Cause I'm out without you having fun
You wish I would fall
And then I'd lose it all
So then you can feel like you won

Now I've made up my mind
To ignore you and all of your kind
After all in the end
You're not even a friend
And now it's time for good bye

You're jealous - undesired
Aaa... - uninspired

"I look back and then I look ahead
Life keeps movin'
Where I've been and where I'm going next
I feel inspired "

アルバム「Nothin' But Sausage」収録曲
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