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Same to you  ♪  PassCode
作詞 : Koji Hirachi・Takahiro Hokyo [we-B studios]
作曲 : Koji Hirachi・Takahiro Hokyo [we-B studios]

ある朝に 猫が泣いて 気付いたんだ
些細な言葉の意味が 空を回っていたんだ

塞ぎ込み 普遍的な事実だけ
語って そこから 消えた

Creativity doesn't mean to look at new things, no that's not it
It's to see known things as new
And that's the way it is

Truly-creative mind
We're looking down at the same things the fact is just so simple
So everyone has an equal chance, now just what you'd expect

滲んだ声 吐き出した
零れ落ちた 灯り すくって
There's nothing certain
Hiding truth behind the mask
I was working so damn hard not to lose myself in the crowded streets
How many times have I faced this twilight before?

Waaah!! Shadows of dusk cried out in pain
Afraid of pain
But impossible to stop

So the great man said those words of wisdom and every little thing they said
But maybe they were like us struggling to live a day
They were not so different from the rest of us, do you wanna know why?
Maybe they were looking at the same view, just one step ahead of us

過ぎてゆく 時の中で
儚く スローモーション
描くもの 色を変えて

儚く スローモーション
その刹那 色を変えて

胸の奥の パズルは 解けないままでさ
そうして 光は 離れて 沈んでゆく

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