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Kiss You BackNulbarich資生堂「アネッサ」CMソング
Seven days in a week dream flies 叶わなかった What I've been dreaming of I wa
Almost ThereNulbarich
I bought a one way ticket もう戻らない あとは have fun それだけでいい I need
Zero GravityNulbarich
A second from the past Stars are dancing in the universe ねぇ are you having f
Take me where I belong You put me back on track Just wake me up I need to see
In my dreams Met a girl that looks so fine Had a date and she was mine 目覚め
ain't on the map yetNulbarich
I'm never sober Over and over そばにいて oh please With you 思うがままに tha
Heart Like a PoolNulbarich
Once a day he used to say drawing a picture 理想通りの your world まだ don't
In Your PocketNulbarich
Sincerely, your friend ずっと free に try Carry a little secret in your pocket
Can I ask your name? You look so far away 立ちすくむ雨の中で Is it something
I have what I need and I got what I wanted I thought I was perfect Till the d
NEW ERA (88 REMIX)Nulbarich
Cuz I don't have enough No second thoughts That smile is my everything you set
Follow MeNulbarich楽天カード「Apple Payポイントザクザク篇」CMソング
Follow me this town has gave a lot to me it's like my home いつも通りでいてい
It's Who We AreNulbarich
A boring sunday is the situation でも嫌じゃないって思えた today 窓の外を覗く a
On and OnNulbarich
(On and On...) It's a one fine day 空いた two cups of coffee テーブルに並んで
思い通りにはいかないけど それなりに having fun 代わり映えの無い everyday を ru