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Until you wake upThe BONEZ
I'll wait for you until you wake up to see a smile on you It brings back memori
Bird 〜people with wings〜The BONEZ
It's just another rays of light stars moving around tonight Always doubting my
Rude BoyThe BONEZ
I'll be back I'll be back I'll be back as new I'll be back I'll be back I'll be
One moreThe BONEZ
People walking down the streets Looking at phones getting lost in space of noth
Waking up in my room thinking what to do today I'm ready to go outside I grab m
I have a question and I wonder why We were born with two eyes, with a heart ins
Kings workThe BONEZ
Yes I work But I play hard anyways Yeah everyday thing, kings work But I play
Code nameThe BONEZ
Hatred still lives in my sleep It wakes up the devil and eats all the sheep Fa
Nice to meet youThe BONEZ
(Oh) All of it all of all of it now I'll give you my all (Oh) Come on and take
AnthemThe BONEZ
My shoelace is untied, I trip over my feet all the time I know I should tie it
See you againThe BONEZ
Oh Oh Oh I'll see you again so you'll see us again Oh Oh Oh Till we meet agai