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I Wait (Japanese Ver.)NEWDAY6
I wait 聴かせて ここで I'll be standing still all day Don't you worry I'm rea
If 〜また逢えたら〜DAY6ドラマ「リピート 〜運命を変える10か月〜」主題歌
君が 残した言葉 まだ この胸 疼いてる 街で 似たようなコを見ては 焦る自分に イ
Congratulations (English Ver.)NEWDAY6
I don't even know how I can talk to you now It's not you, the you who talks to
Baby, it's okayDAY6
Baby, let me see your eyes (When I say) 好きだって言う時 Baby, don't you look
You Were Beautiful (English Ver.)NEWDAY6
The things I'm about to tell you aren't so you Change what's already on your mi