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Nothing's Carved In Stoneの検索結果
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GravityNothing's Carved In Stone
One more time Leave me fade away Time is gone Moving on moving on can't rever
GOD HAND GAMENothing's Carved In Stone
All around the world Sadness will ring on And all across the globe Asking to
Shimmer SongNothing's Carved In Stone
君の目に焼きついた透き通るような青は 遠い記憶 一瞬で深紅になって生まれ変わって
BrotherhoodNothing's Carved In Stone
I know we have reached the end So now catch it in your hand I can feel my fire
Crying SkullNothing's Carved In Stone
Crying skull Sometimes I can only trust in you Don't know why I love how that
What's My SatisfactionNothing's Carved In Stone
As we decay and deflate and disappear I can't hear It's biting in to my skin 
雪渓にてNothing's Carved In Stone
寂しそうなウサギ 毛皮を脱いで 雪の沢 泳いで 思い出してる 「still remember」 
IdolsNothing's Carved In Stone
One of those Bullshit parties Conversate Over empty topics yeah It is true 
(as if it's) A WarningNothing's Carved In Stone
A Warning 対角線向こう側の自分 A Warning sign 甘えそうになる 胸をかじる A Warn
Midnight TrainNothing's Carved In Stone
More and more I crave for things I lose sense of who I am The more I try to be
キマイラの夜Nothing's Carved In Stone
さめざめと 寒さに毛皮は 霧の夜を 攫っては濡れる Hoo… Hoo… 眠れ 朝が来る
It meansNothing's Carved In Stone
I'm losing myself Watching you leave Vanishing train It's like a nightmare W
ツバメクリムゾンNothing's Carved In Stone「夢チカ18」1月度オープニングテーマ
FLY、踊ってる SWALLOW 眩しい寒空 照らし出す My Way 強気な羽ばたき 舞い落ちる
AssassinNothing's Carved In Stone
Open eyes Swallow my lies Doesn't close Standing by And I found out my murde
You're in MotionNothing's Carved In Stone
So wake up from your dream And hear the inner scream You are the only one who
村雨の中でNothing's Carved In Stone
しまい込んだルールブック信じない 満ち欠け繰り返してる真実 駆り立てられるのはあ
SickNothing's Carved In Stone
You say that it's my fault irritation So cancel out the noise with your heartbe
朱い群青Nothing's Carved In Stone
夕顔咲く 君は歩く遠く どこかに消えゆく退路は無いんだ もう正論や理由は萎んでい
BogNothing's Carved In Stone
Short of failure No pain no gain (wear down) (wear down the) Feelings Can't
Predestined LoversNothing's Carved In Stone
A silly race It might seem like one Too close to see It's affecting sleep Cr