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Don't want to be aloneSxOxU
Never needed anybody When I was young, I had nothing to fear And my favorite f
Roller CoasterSxOxU
Come on, now Get it started Don't you miss the journey Get on, now It will t
Summer's goneSxOxU
On a great day like this Chasing our shadows We use to run around the seaside
XXXXX Just like this
When the morning sun shines over me I'll be leaving, far... far away When you
Thinking 'bout... days when we used to believe that we're never gonna grow up,
Funny Sunny Day <Japanese Version>SxOxUアニメ「家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!」オープニングテーマ
安心感なんて無くていい 感情的問題は捨てて 単純明快な日々に 明確な解答なんて無
Funny Sunny Day <English Version>SxOxU
I saw the sunset in the east I saw the bees swim in the blue sea I saw the tre