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The Sound Of SilenceUNCHAIN「ミュートマ2」11月度火曜日エンディングテーマ
名もなき風の住む丘に 幼き日の置き手紙 秋がそよぐ通り途は 樹々の遠い囁き 揺れる
きっと涙は 音もなく流れるけれど 赤裸々に頬濡らし 心まで溶かしはじめる こわれ
今日現在(いま)が確かなら万事快調よ 明日には全く憶えて居なくたっていいの 昨日の
make it glowUNCHAIN
What is your name? How's it goin'? What's in your mind? What'll I say? If I
はじまりの場所で誰もがきっと 神様にもらった 色のない殺風景な ブランク・スペース
Fly In The Blue MoonlightUNCHAIN
Flying in the blue moonlight Flying in the blue moonlight Far away from me Are
I was born and she was born In the ever-changing world of people I just sing t
Saves The DayUNCHAIN
I guess you've been exhausted, baby Slaving away all day I guess you've lost y
get downUNCHAIN
Show me, Show me, Show me, Show me Lay me down on the ground Give me, Give me,
a prayerUNCHAIN
雨の街は低血圧 ウソもマコト 広いようで狭い蜘蛛の巣 何を掴む? 湿気るターミナル
beautiful girlUNCHAIN
追いかけていた 追いかけていたい かすかな残り香を 自分自身が 自分自身をも 見失
And I wanna get Wi-Fi, So I'll be fine 始めなきゃセッション 僕は Mr.Wi-Fi 職場
baby babyUNCHAIN
I, try to tempt you Gotta have my way with you I, know what to do Only once?
抱きしめるたび 鳴く声でFeel me 絡める舌の アプローチが強引 白無垢を脱ぎ捨てる
Seen falling from the night sky These papers full of their lies Just play it c
雨がポツポツと涙煽る 傘をそっと閉じた君を導いて 人は一人でも独りじゃない 人は
2 late 2 luvUNCHAIN
秘密のミッドナイト 気分はSo High 逃げたもん勝ちのサイバースペース あっさりグッ
stay hereUNCHAIN
Hello 晴れた日の午後には 木漏れ日の咲く公園通り 靴を揃え 歩いたね 昨日までの
Kiss Kiss KissUNCHAIN
I want your Kiss Kiss Kiss I run into the fire for your Kiss Kiss Kiss I cra
Super ColliderUNCHAIN
Say sometimes don't you feel, You wanna run away, and vanish into air. Say som
Get Ready (ex. Show Me Your Height)UNCHAIN
People, looking down upon the others People, should be respecting one another 
Tonight's The NightUNCHAIN
Mystery lady, I've never seen you before, Once in a lifetime, fate is knocking
Here comes my baby. She is out of your league, my friend She's got a cute figu
Come Back To MeUNCHAIN
Won't you come back? I wish you would come back Can't you come back? I really
Movin' My SoulUNCHAIN
Are you ready? Let's play together. We're going way out, I'm sure no one will f
Give Me Life (ex. Inspire of life)UNCHAIN
I'm in so much trouble, I'm in so much trouble, Every little thing now, only ma
Life Is A Wonder (ex. Life Is Wonder)UNCHAIN
One day as I was walking down the street, You appeared right in front of me. I
The Sun And Iris (ex. 太陽とイーリス)UNCHAIN
Feeling my every breath, I am waiting so long. Feeling my every beat, I am stan
The World Is YoursUNCHAIN
Free... Be free... 固く閉ざされた瞳に ふいに柔らかな光が射すとき Free... Be f
Where is my mind? Beyond the actual world What we need is Imagination, you kn
On the screen, big guys are shouting They are full up to the throat Coming up
The wind doesn't let me go I can't grab wind But if I could grab that cloud I
行き先不明の旅路には、神様はいない 瞬き消えていくだけで、見たいものが見えない