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Sailing freeOLIVIAPSP用ゲームソフト CAPCOM「戦国BASARA バトルヒーローズ」挿入歌
風は迷いもなく 遠く 遠く 群れを離れ ah 吹き抜けてゆく 目を閉じて 感じる 
Love Love LoveOLIVIA
I see you hiding with your tears This song is written for you It bends into yo
The answers won't come to mind Though I want it so badly I can't seem to get i
Trinka trinkaOLIVIA
No one is around Your making it all up It's time to disarm yourself Because w
Out of control Clouds are forming quickly 何かを今 伝えるように 悲しみを集め
想い出がすべて 疲れたこの心をいつも 癒せるのならば 迷わずきっと歩いてゆけるの
Collecting sparklesOLIVIA
Darling I'm eager To know of your everlasting beam My melancholy drama has Ul
Miss youOLIVIA
ほどけた夢に嵐が降る 名前を呼ぶ声さがす もう会えなくて You're fading bit by b
Your smileOLIVIA
Show me your smile Show me real love 光でも影でもない Show me your smile Sho
Shadow of LoveOLIVIA inspi' REIRA(TRAPNEST)
誓いの指輪 二人の赤い糸 今は見えない 約束もないけど 繋いだ手を離さないで 真
Keep me happy, out of line Keep me sweet and satisfied Come with me darling D
いつからか 泣き方も 眠り方も忘れて 欲張りなこの街の ルールにあやつられて 立
Winter sleepOLIVIA inspi' REIRA(TRAPNEST)
It keeps coming back to me I remember this pain It spreads across my eyes Eve
Recorded Butterflies -Studio Live-OLIVIA inspi' REIRA(TRAPNEST)
Recorded butterflies in the twilight Sneak out the closet 記憶は優しすぎて 残
If you only knewOLIVIA
You let go of my hand You say you have important things to do In search of som
Stars shining outOLIVIA「音楽戦士 MUSIC FIGHTER」1月度POWER PLAY
心が彷徨う誰もいない部屋ひとり 乾いてゆく なくしたままの心の鍵三日月の夜に 探
Dream CatcherOLIVIAドラマ「地獄少女」主題歌
My mind always remembers 優しさの欠けら 胸の中抱きしめて My heart binded by t
Who's gonna stop it?OLIVIA
Someone's heart is breaking I don't think it's funny Power in hands of corrupt
Cloudy worldOLIVIA
Cloudy world 窮屈な箱のなか Cloudy world 夢さえも縛られて Cloudy world 波に押
Cut me freeOLIVIA
It is telling me that I can not escape It is telling me that I can not forget