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Hangover WeekendLOW IQ 01
Friday night, get ready For the weekend to come When the day is over You don'
Day to DayLOW IQ 01
Some other day, so you may say Leaving the things to do behind Don't lead us i
さきがけLOW IQ 01
非常識だとされたこと 発想、転換、常識に 不可能だよとされたこと 想像、転換、覆
SwitchLOW IQ 01
暗闇の中、目を凝らす 手さぐりで手を伸ばす 物音ないので耳澄ます 眠ったスイッチ
Mirror, MirrorLOW IQ 01
Mirror, mirror on the wall Can you hear me calling? Mirror, mirror on the wall
And...LOW IQ 01
Give me your words Give me all of your loving Give me laughter, give it to me
All I Ever NeedLOW IQ 01
Roses are beautiful Gorgeous by the handful Yet 1 lush flower alone Could lea
Night of the SleeplessLOW IQ 01
Stuck in the middle of the night, sleepless And I hear all these voices deeper
Shed Your SkinLOW IQ 01
Don't worry, it's alright So sorry, you're not right Perfection is a trap Mad
King of FoolsLOW IQ 01
Just don't know what to do And it's nobody's fault but mine Being so misunders
Out Out OutLOW IQ 01
Out of order, out of control Out of everything that you can ever think of Out
So EasyLOW IQ 01
Introduction of new things Will destroy what used to be So fresh and cool, so
Oh, why do you pretend? Oh, why do you aim so high? More we are, you're no lon
RulesLOW IQ 01
Someone tell me where the hell we are Is everything you do just for fun forgive
Never Shut upLOW IQ 01
It's better not to say you don't like it When you haven't even tasted it Don't
Little GiantLOW IQ 01
Once you were in time of sadness So now you know what tenderness is Once you w
Way It IsLOW IQ 01
It's painful, stressful, in the beginning but don't you worry, it will go away
I used to be a kid who loved an ice cream Two flavors in one with vanilla and c
Your ColorLOW IQ 01
You've got to stay away from believing The shinning colors all around Be true
Makin' MagicLOW IQ 01
Let's love yourself more ever Let's open up yourself more ever Let's love your